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Make Your Own Beats<br /><br /> <br /> Making your own beats is ridiculously easy when you use the software that I'm using and recommending. Whether you want to create the rippenest' fly beats just for yourself or your homies', or bring your own beats to the club and share it with the world, this software is it!<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> If you've been looking to make your own beats with the best beat maker software in as little as 20 minutes, I'm telling you from my personal experience using beat maker software, this is the best available, especially for the super low price, tons of tracks and samples, and how fast it is to pick up. <br /> <br /> Even if you're a newbie, you can go from knowing nothing about beat maker software, to pumping our your first slammen' track in under 20 minutes (including the download and install, which are both easy peasy lemon squeezey!). hint - this software comes with so many drum tracks and drum loops, it'll make your head s

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