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The London Motor Museum, situated in Hayes, Middlesex, houses a unique collection of cars. Performance Direct were lucky enough to spend the day touring around the museum so we could share some of these wonderful and important vehicles with you. <br /> <br /> Part Seven: Custom Cars and TKO (Total Kustom Organisation) Kustom cars<br /> <br /> The seventh and final section of our tour around The London Motor Museum features some of the many custom cars and TKO (Total Kustom Organisation) Kustom cars. You can see how much time, thought and effort has gone into modifying and customising some of these incredible vehicles. <br /> <br /> Starting with a de-arched Plymouth Prowler, before moving onto a VW Beetle Rat Rod and a Ford Pinto with more of it's engine on the outside than under the bonnet. The Presidential Limousine with bullet-proof glass has to be seen to be believed and sits in the same room as James Bond's boat. In the TKO room sits a mass of Kustom Cars including a modern Dodge Challenger SRT, a pin-striped heavily modified

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