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KOTS 2011: Stingray Corvette vs Camaro SS 418 LSX title shot! Straight from the Wyldfantasies Media Studios video library vault comes the full grudge racing documentary event compilation collected and created by Aries Xecutioner and available on DVD! This epic drag racing video contains no prep, no clocks, hand drop grudge races from the Thursday Night Lightz series at Edgewater drag strip 2011. Imports vs Domestics, Turbo and Nitrous cars and motorcycles including the local KOTS champion, riding the infamous black Hayabusa that was never defeated at this event, the BUBONIC BUSA, Mothug Doug Gall gives up 20 bike lengths in the final motorcycle drag race! For the big final race, the two baddest Chevrolets on the block go head to head: Jeff Cummings 69 Stingray Corvette, 434 cubic inch SBC, automatic, versus Charlie Polly and his primer 4th Gen Camaro SS, BES Built 418 cubic inch LSX stroker, (no nitrous in this video) one of the fastest manual transmission cars in the world! Its a battle for the cash, in this

Category: Drag Racing

Tags: drag racing, Camaro SS, Stingray

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