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When it comes to making ATVs for kids, the product needs to be sturdy and dependable. The C-ATV 3050C features a 4-stroke, 110cc motor with proven performance, as well as an adjustable governor on the four-wheeler so that it can be adjusted as the child grows. An amazing machine for the low, discounted price, it includes independent suspension in the front, single suspension in the back, and quality disc brakes for a ride that your child will never forget! This ATV is perfect for beginners with its automatic transmission, brilliant headlights for rides after dark, a gear rack for easy storage on-the-go, and a remote control kill switch. We follow the ISO 900 system of standards to ensure consistent safety and peace of mind. Other features include chain drive and electric start. Check out our YouTube product videos to see the C-ATV 3050C and many other ATVs on the track and in action!

Category: Dirt Bikes/ATV

Tags: coolster atv, cheap atv, quad atv

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