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http://www.ADD10INCHESTOYOURVERTICALJUMP.INFO Click the link to left to see how you can add 10 inches to your vertical jump in 12 weeks.<br /> <br /> If you are an athlete or fitness professional looking to find a training program that will help <br /> <br /> you increase your vertical jump, this Jump Manual Review will attempt to provide the <br /> <br /> information you will need to decide whether the jump manual by Jacob Hiller is the right <br /> <br /> one for you.<br /> <br /> There are many products on the market that promise to give you the vertical jump training <br /> <br /> you desire. While each of these products claim to maximize your gains, it is important to <br /> <br /> understand the benefits of each training program before you invest in one.<br /> <br /> The Jump Manual reviewed here is one of the most popular vertical jumping programs <br /> <br /> available on the market, and for a good reason; it is the only program out there which <br /> <br /> dares to make the bold statement "increase your vertical jump by 10 inches within 12 <br /> <br /> weeks or get double your money back."<br /> <br /> What Does th

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