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JiJi Active Directory Change Auditing & Reporting Tool enables Tracking, Auditing, Reporting, and Quick detection and Alerting Unauthorized Active Directory vital changes in <br /> <br /> real time. Also provide the solutions for the changes such as (Who, What, When, where, which Domain and why). It also Enables forensics activity , Ensure Security, Prevent <br /> <br /> Security Breach. JiJi Auditreporter will help administrators to track all event and take necessary actions before the situation goes too far.<br /> JiJi AuditReporter is a web based Active Directory Auditing tool, which creates AD reports for Audits and can issue AD change notifications.<br /> <br /> Audit<br /> <br /> Audits are required to keep the business process clean, clear and compliance with state and federal laws. It also helps the IT administrators to find any discrepancies in <br /> <br /> systems securities as well as enforcing pre-defined company's IT policies. A company, which responsibly meets the compliance and security, wins the confidences of their <br /> <br /> investors and clients.<br /> so

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