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Subscribe to XCAR:<br /> <br /> The new Jaguar F-Type. It's the firm's new two-seater sports car and its first in over five decades.<br /> <br /> Of course Jaguar has released sporty cars since its last two-seater sports car, the E-Type. None, however, have captured the imagination or grabbed the senses quite as much as the E. Until, Jaguar hopes, now.<br /> <br /> The F-Type has pressure on its muscular shoulders. Jaguar's 50+ year absence from the sports car market has made yearning hearts grow fonder, but it's also given Porsche, Audi, Aston Martin and the like time to catch up, overtake and shine in the gap that formerly contained a leaping cat.<br /> <br /> Making a car that's merely 'alright' isn't going to cut it. Neither is making a car that's 'very good'. It's got to be the absolute shit. Pleasingly, the F-Type hits the mark with aplomb. <br /> <br /> Anyone with eyes can see that Jaguar's design team has done an incredible job on the looks front. Despite not being in step with the design language of Jaguar's mo

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