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XT GT INTERCEPTOR 1969 victoria ex POLICE 150,000+ HiTs 0312<br /> <br /> Before Mad Max there were ford falcon 500 V8 INTERCEPTORS 1967 XR this one is the 1968-69 XT 4 models earlier modified from 302 HP and repainted from VICTORIA POLICE POWDER BLUE plus external falcon GT mild embellishments except for that brutal extrusion from the hood.This was a crowd pleaser and aroused interest at the aussie muscle car show at Scoresby outer Melbourne Sunday 27 April 2008<br /> Caribbean Gardens, Scoresby<br /> Presented by the Australian Muscle Car Clubs of Victoria<br /> <br /> falcon XT GT INTERCEPTOR victoria ex POLICE BATHURST HIGHWAY PURSUIT mad max traits.<br /><br /><br /> "It's not a GT but I know which they made less of cops had to KEEP up Besides I like it & how it goes its rare loud red and its mine. YET TO RESTORE."owners comment<br />

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