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Buy a high-res digital copy of this video here:<br /> <br /> Check out our NEW WEBSITE:<br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br /> (DISCLAIMER: THE FEATURED DRIVER IN THIS VIDEO WAS ADAMANT ABOUT NOT PERFORMING ANY ILLEGAL STUNTS. 3 OTHER STUNT DRIVERS AND STAND-INS WERE USED TO MIMIC THE FEATURED DRIVER DURING SEVERAL STUNTS AND SHOOTS. ALL STUNTS WERE PERFORMED BY PROFESSIONALS OR UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF PROFESSIONALS ON CLOSED ROADS + STUNT CARS. IMV FILMS ASKS THAT YOU DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE OR REENACT ANY OF THE SEEN FOOTAGE.)<br /> <br /> After Ken Block's first spectacular "Gymkhana Practice" tire-hazed its way to Internet popularity, IMV Films geared up to produce a ridiculous SPOOF of the original. Make no mistake, this over-the-top video IS SARCASTIC, RATHER THAN SERIOUS... all with a wicked sense of humor*.<br /> <br /> *Don't complain about poor taste or professionalism if you:<br /> 1- HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR<br /> 2- ARE A PRUDE.<br /> 3- ARE PRO-LIFE<br /> <br /> The TOTA

Category: Compilations, Crashes/Wrecks, Funny

Tags: Ken, Block, Gymkhana

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