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Add - Is this what it takes to be a hoon? Vote your choice! Vote thumbs up if you think these guys are certified hoons, or vote thumbs down if you think they are total fools! <br /> <br /> What happens when a bunch of hoons get behind the wheel of a supercharged 500 hp SVT Cobra aka "Mustang Terminator" on high boost and are turned loose on public roads? Chaos, police, donuts, and car accidents; just to name a few things that you might see in this video.<br /> <br /> Features!<br /> - 150 mph in a 45 mph zone<br /> - U-turn burnouts<br /> - Excessive hoonage to the third degree<br /> - Going WOT within a block of police presence<br /> <br /> Where will the hoons strike again? You never know. Subscribe and follow to find out!<br />

Category: Cops

Tags: ford, mustang, 500 hp

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