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MMC® has been in sports marketing business since 1991. Targeted consumer research, profiled consumer lists, compelling marketing pieces, professional sales training, direct mail delivery and turn-key self-funding promotions highlight just some of our areas of expertise. MMC® does not believe discounting golf fees (or memberships) is a "healthy" or sustainable model for the golf industry. It is our goal to build a model that is complimentary to your existing business model that will allow us to "graft in" a new market segment that is sustainable.<br /> We have successfully developed, tested, and implemented a customer building approach that is unprecedented in the golf industry today. Specifically, we are able to address the stagnant golf marketplace as it relates to generating rounds, player development, player retention, and revenue growth for golf properties. This is not a theory, but a proven method; and a powerful solution for our participating golf clubs!<br /> <br /> <br />

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