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Bill Thomas Cheetah Chevrolet Coupe insane Car sound static & on track @circuit de Ledenon 17 fevrier 2013<br /> <br /> Performance Specs<br /> <br /> The 1964 Cheetah uses a 383-cubic-inch, 6.3-liter front-mounted V-8 engine positioned at 90 degrees with overhead valve design. The engine is built with a cast-iron block and head and has 16 total valves with two valves per cylinder. Brake horsepower measures 470 to 475 with a maximum torque rating of 435 foot-pounds. According to the Ultimate Car Page website, the Cheetah's engine fuel feed is a proprietary fuel injection system created by engine designer, Bill Thomas.<br /> Brakes and Transmission<br /> <br /> The Cheetah is equipped with four drum brakes. The vehicle's transmission is a rear-wheel drive system with four manually shifting gears. According to Ultimate Car Page's website, Cheetah designer Bill Thomas was forced to use drum brakes on the vehicle because he was restricted to using only parts that were also used on the 1963 to 1964 Chevrolet Corvette.

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