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Add Every parent wants their teenager to be safe on the road, but how do we make that happen? Teenagers can be impulsive and often like to show off for their friends. If you combine this with inexperience on the road, it can be a deadly combination.<br /> <br /> Luckily, we've found that there are three things that help lower your teen's likelihood of being reckless on the road. Driver safety training, clear consequences, and leading by example. When you follow these three steps your teen will not only benefit from safer driving practices, but also often have lower insurance rates as well.<br /> <br /> The first step we recommend for all teen drivers is to take a Defensive Driving course. These courses are different than basic driver's ed. They focus less on the mechanics of 'how to drive' and far more on the safety aspects of driving.<br /> <br /> The second step in keeping your teenager safe on the road is being very clear in your expectations. Make

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