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Drifter Tiago Romano at the entrance of the pits at the track ECPA in Piracicaba / SP. This scene was recorded when the driver returns to the pits at the end of his training on track. There was no testing or preparation for this moment. The front bumper crashed during training at the track after hitting the zebra lane.<br /> <br /> Drifter Tiago Romano na entrada dos boxes no autódromo ECPA, em Piracicaba/SP. Esta cena foi gravada quando o piloto retorna aos boxes ao finalizar o seu treino na pista. Não houve ensaio ou preparação para que este momento. O front bumper caiu durante o treino no autódromo, depois de bater na zebra da pista. <br /> <br /> Video of Drift Hobby, Tiago Romano's drifting team in Brazil. Ours drift cars: 350z Pink Biturbo, 350z Veilside SuperCharger and 370z SuperCharger.<br /> <br /> Watch more:<br /> <br /> Subscribe!<br /><br /> <br /> Facebook<br /><br /> <br /> Website<br />

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