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DMCC Round 3 happened on July 17-18th at ICAR Motorsports Complex At Mirabel, and Pat Cyr showed up ready to go for the kill. They lined up, and were subsequently knocked down as Pat Cyr swept through the competition like a tropical storm. With no "one more time" battles to be had, Pat Cyr left Mirabel with another big 'W', and without any doubts in anybody's mind that this guy is CYRIOUS. This video of course features the driving of Drift Posse members Brad Carlton, and Peter Chrisikopoulos, as well as some of the stylings of some of the best in DMCC today! So go get yourself some refreshments, turn up the speakers, and enjoy!!<br /> <br /> Big thanks to:<br /> DRIFT POSSE<br /> DMCC<br /> JAGIMAGING<br /> MOTORMAVENS<br /> JOVER PAPAG<br /> KEVIN GLASS

Category: Drifting

Tags: AE86, DMCC, Drifting

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