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Darrell Russell is killed during the 2004 NHRA Sears Nationals. He was competing in the second round of eliminations when his dragster went out of control and crashed just past the finish line. When the NHRA safety team got to Russell, he was unconscious, but breathing. Russell was extracted from his dragster by NHRA emergency services officials and transported by air to the St. Louis Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead. His dragster broke up after he crossed the finish line. One of the rear Goodyear tires blew out, damaging the back part of the race car. Shrapnel caused by the exploding tire entered the drivers cockpit from the rear, fatally injuring Russell. It was flying debris from the explosion, not the crash, that killed Darrell Russell. <br /> <br /> <br /> R.I.P. Darrell Russell

Category: Crashes/Wrecks, Drag Racing, Racing

Tags: darrell russell, fatal crash, nhra 2004

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