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Add We put the huge passenger SUV to the test with our stock brakes that faded and faded as we continued with testing. We logged in a brake 60-0 time of 189.11 feet for a worn out factory system that was sitting on 24 inch wheels.<br /> <br /> We then installed the Performance Friction big brake kit all on four corners and headed back to our same test track for new results. On a third test of the system we pulled out a 117.02 feet from 60-0 defeating factory cars such as the 06 Bentley GT, 97 NSX, 04 GTO, 10 BMW 535, 11 Audi Q7, 11 BMW X5, 11 Grand Cherokee, 97 Viper, 12 Fiat 500, and the 10 Toyota 4 Runner. All of these times are from Motor Trend Magazine. Looking over this really makes you think about the value of a big brake kit for safety and stopping power (especially once you have bolted up some 20+ inch wheels) to your passenger SUV.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Modification List:<br /> -AEM Intake<br /> -Giovanni Calisix Wheels 24x10 +20<br /> -JBA Headers<br /> -Magnaflow Exhaust<br /> -Performance Friction Brakes<br /> -Toyo Tires Prox

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Tags: 60-0 brake test, Chevrolet Tahoe, Brake Kit Challenge

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