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Overall: 5 Stars<br /> Frontal: 5 Stars<br /> Side: 5 Stars<br /> Rollover: 5 Stars<br /> <br /> NHTSA - New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), Side Test:<br /> Crash test dummies representing an average-sized adult male and a small-sized adult female are placed in the driver and rear passenger seats (driver's side), respectively, and are secured with seat belts. The side crash rating represents an intersection-type collision by having a 3,015 pound (1367kg) barrier moving at 38.5 mph (62km/h) into a standing vehicle. The moving barrier is covered with material that is crushable to replicate the front of a vehicle.<br /> <br /> --<br /> Thumbs up for the crash test dummies!<br /> <br /> Do you think this vehicle is safe?<br /> Do you like the test result?<br /> <br /> More crash tests coming up every week.<br /> Favorite this video and subscribe to CrashNet1!<br /> Subscribe:<br /> fb:<br /> g+:<br /> twitter<br /> On the web:

Category: Crashes/Wrecks

Tags: crash test, tesla, model s

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