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We had technical difficulties and failed to capture a much of the qualifying or Sprint Races action in video. We did capture Saturday's Sprint 2 which was the Championship Points Sprint, but we captured it from the back! Rain and a thinned-out field due to earlier and race attrition does not make for the best action on video, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.<br /> <br /> SATURDAY QUALIFYING, SPRINT, & CHAMPIONSHIP SPRINT RACE<br /> Following some front underside, splitter and flat-bottom damage in Friday's Fub Race late afternoon, the team worked non-stop until the very last available minute to barely finish re-assembling the heavily "stitched-up" pieces, but confident that everything would hold. Saturday morning conditions were wet/damp but improving. With me at the wheel all day Saturday for the Sprint Races, we set out to make up for little practice on Friday and try to start laying down some faster times to move up the standings.<br /> <br /> Practice ended with the team leading the time charts in our GT5S Class while ending 1

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