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Neighbor's daughter gets a surprise Lamborghini Aventador ride from her high school followed by a visit to Times Square. The reactions were priceless.<br /> <br /> All profits made from the ads in this video will be donated to her college fund. In fact, I will match the amount and double it. This video has already generated hundreds of dollars in the past 48 hours. Thanks for sharing this video. She's going to be amazed at how much money we raised for her.<br /> <br /> I've had this neighbor for many years when I was living in a poorer neighborhood. And I had moved to Florida a few years ago after I made my fortune. I came back to my hometown for a visit a few months ago, and I brought my Lamborghini with me. I saw an opportunity to make the kid's day much brighter, and I took it.<br /> <br /> There's a Portugese saying: "Não importa o quanto sobes na vida, nunca te esqueças de onde vieste."<br /> <br /> Translation: "No matter how much you climb in life, never forget where you came from."<br /> <br /> Follow me (Allen Wong) for future updates:<br /> Facebook: ht

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Tags: Lamborghini, Aventador, Charity

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