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1966 Acadian (Chevy II) 
Engine started life as a 350 truck motor. Nice strong unit, 4 bolt mains, steel crank. Ran it stock internally with headers, Edelbrock Torker intake Holley 780 CFM vacumn secondaries and mild hydraulic cam for a year or so. ***This is the engine upgrade of 1977. Short block; 11.5-1 Aries pistons, GM high power rods; balance&blueprinted by Thompson's Machine Shop in Nanaimo, BC. Solid lifter Cam had fairly high lift .590 -.595; 320 duration; roller rockers; 1.94 small chamber heads ported and polished; fed fule thru 2-600 CFM Hollies on an old Edelbrock tunnel ram, large plenum chamber on this unit made this VERY drivable on the street. Borg Warner close ratio 4 gear using a Hurst shifter with a 6 inch straight shift handle with the "Hurst" T bar for serious banging of gears thru an 11 inch corvette clutch.
Suspension Mods
10 bolt posi rear end: 4:56 gear set for weekends;3:90 gear set for road shows; careful off the line!!! 49 Ford dropped straight axle in front (painted white of course) 90/10 front shocks, helped keep the front end up, weight to the back, after launch thru second gear
Accel dual point distributer; Accell super coil (remember this was circa 1976-77)
Chrome steel wheels;
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1966 Acadian (Chevy II)
Year: 1966
Color: Brown
Power: 475 Horse 350 small block
Added: July 22, 2009
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1966 Pontiac Acadian; Chevrolet did not bring the Chevy II to Canada, so this was what we had to play with back then. Installed a new 1967 front end with GM parts (fenders, grill, bumper) as GM had discontinued the 1966 parts. Full Fiberglass hood, no hinges; 4 hood pins initially, eventually added 2 more for stability at trap speeds. Seats were black buckets out of a friends 1968 Corvette that was totalled on a trip to "Seattle International Raceway in Kent, WA!!". Interior had aluminum dash inserts for gauges, no stereo, no back seat. Full roll cage with welded sub-frames to keep this baby from twisting apart
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