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My new BABY!! 
3.0-liter, 235-horsepower, dual overhead cam (DOHC), inline 24-valve 6-cylinder engine with composite magnesium/aluminum engine block, Valvetronic, and Double-VANOS steplessly variable valve timing. Yeah, i did some research... lol
Suspension Mods
stock. Best suspension for the street that i've ever driven.
Ipod adapter
Kumho all-season tires, size 225/45R17. They gave me the run-flats but they only have about 30% tread left on them, trying to sell them on craig's list.
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My new BABY!!
Make: BMW
Model: 328I
Year: 2007
Color: Black
Power: 235hp est.
Added: June 03, 2009
I have this ride...
Member Since: June 15, 2006
My new baby that i bought a short while ago for a rediculous price considering how shity the market is today. Don't even ask how cheap i got this baby at the local auction. Car came with some cheap knock-off 2008 BMW M3 sedan headlights with the BRIGHTEST zenons i've ever seen, think purple. I had to take those off and now i've got the stock ones on there. The car also came with this "custom" exhaust crap, but it still sounds good. Plus the factory muffler weighs about 30 pounds more than this whole system so it's all good with me.
My Other Rides
Best 60ft to Date: 1.38
Best 1/8th 5.66@126
Best 1/4 Mile 8.62@169.0
Best MPH 171.28mph

The Worlds Quickest/Fastest 6spd Supra!! This is tha badest Supra in the world, and it is an Idol in the Import world. Ryan Woon, of Wide Open Throttle Motorsports in Arizona, who built this car with his team/friends who own this and many other high powered cars like it. They are specialists in the tuning world and they only carry top of  the line aftermaret parts from major brands like Greddy, HKS, Boost Logic, Titan and even produce their own high performance parts. WOTM Supra
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My work truck for deliveries and personal use. I stuck a little kit on her  and Ive redone the dash trim and had custom black/grey leather seats fitted in and lowered them about 4 inches. Shes stuck in the garage while we dont have any big orders and while im still short on gas money. Big Boy
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My favorite GT car driven by Nick Ham in the Rolex Sports Car series. I have had the amazing opportunity to drive this beauty at Watkins Glen raceway in New York while i was on vacation in Jersey. My cousin has known the pit master for Speedsource for some time now and he gave me a shot to try out a few laps on track, I was given strict instructions not to go too crazy on the track and not to get close to any of the other drivers from the Grand Am who were practicing that day. This experience will never be forgotten in my life and i had the best time of my life! This without doubt was the fastest car i have ever driven and i was glad to have had this amazing opportunity. The car handled amazingly and the screaming of the exhaust was a fantastic note to my ears. I remember how fast the laps went by and had to pit before i knew it, but i will never forget what it was like to drive in a real race car on one of the finest tracks on the east coast. I had never been so happy in my life and i never knew there was so much thrill in professional racing. It was a shame that i never got that chance again but i am still glad that i was given it at least once.
I still see this car many times these days at Laguna Seca and Watkins Glen and ive always enjoyed watching it race. If im not at the track when its racing im definitely watching it on SPEED wherever it goes in america. Im planning to build an RX8 like this one very soon but im not sure to make it street legal or just for track. I am a very precise person with my cars so i wont be building it piece by piece but rather spend a couple thousand dollars to gain a lot and see my results clearly. However, since the economy is slowly breaking away i am holding back on m spendings for now. I am hopefully waiting until a new president is elected that will send us in the right direction and fix this screwed up country. Personaly i dont care who wins, i just want someone new that will do better than Bush. God Bless america, because we really need it right now.
 Thank you for looking and thank you very much Speedsource! SpeedSource RX8 GT
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My dream car a few years ago, I got one and it was shit. First of all i loved this car ever since fast and furious came out so i got one for my 17th birthday and i loved her. She came with about 66000 miles and i put another 8000 on her in the year that i had her. I drove it the first week and it was imaculet. But eventually i started having various problems with the chassis and transmission, Im not going into detail. Me, my brother, and most of our car-fenatic friends in High School used to race all around our area. I was never the best but i was always the one having the most fun in the group. After a while she started flaking out on me and i had to get rid of her for not passing strict California Emissions standards and overall meltdown. In short: she was stuffed in the back of our machine shop and covered up until my dad wanted to buy himself a new Z4 from Dinan. F*** you too, he traded it in and i ened up with a 4-door sedan that is still mine today. Misia
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I Got this car years ago after i had to forget my old baby and got this sucker handed down to me. This car was bought for 35k in 2000 and is now barely worth 30% of what it was, and thats probably because it has over 115k miles on it and the fact that it is worth nothing to kelly blue book because it isnt a BMW or Benz. But this car still runs great for its age and i still ove it. Its a very nice and comfortable rider, great for cruising around town. I honestly think this is the most user-friendly car you can buy. The suspension is very soft and the ride is very smooth. I get comments from lots of people around town, but obviously they dont know their cars very well because anyone could easily afford one of these. Problem is, it looks better than what it's worth. The cruiser
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