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Red Devil 
Just a standard dual exhaust with a FlowMaster 40 muffler.

Coming soon!
Edge Programmer
Better Exhaust
Suspension Mods
Was going to get a rear end lowering kit but money issues finally hit.
Soon to get a GPS and Edge Programmer
Standard 17 inch alloy wheels.
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Red Devil
Make: FORD
Model: F-150 PICKUP
Year: 2006
Color: Red
Power: 250/300
Added: December 07, 2008
I have this ride...
By: 4point6Punisher
Member Since: December 07, 2008
Just my lightly modified 06 F150. Bought it used this past August with only 12K miles on it. I couldn't pass it up and I had to get out of that old Danger Ranger. 4.6 liter V8, short cab and short bed, 2WD automatic, 3:55 rear end gears.