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Surround Sound Bedroom on Wheels - Shaggin Wagon 
Suspension Mods
Lowered a little.
HAL from 2001.
"What....are you doing.....Dave....?"
Lightly Dished 5 Spokers...? Limited Edition aparently. LOL! sure.
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Surround Sound Bedroom on Wheels - Shaggin Wagon
Make: Holden
Model: VT Commodore Wagon
Year: 1998
Color: dark blue - slight hint of purple.
Power: 172kW
Added: November 04, 2007
I have this ride...
By: KojaK---Holden-HSV-Nut
Member Since: October 30, 2006
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The beast.
Saved my life in the end.
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This was a great car. Drove it hard for many years. VL Holden Commodore
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The Holden VE Commodore was the first vehicle released built on the Zeta chassis. The Audi style scrollers on the steering wheel are a revelation for me. I love them. haha. Holden VE
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