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Nissan Skyline GTR R33 
apexi computer, XS racing exhaust, twin plate clutch, oil cooler and a few other things too I cant remember all of them because it was my dads car.
Suspension Mods
I think it had a TEIN suspension kit.
Not sure, like i said it was my dads car.
When he bought the car it had Nismo 400R wheels but he changed them to awesome 5 spoke ones but I just cant remember the name of them. When the car got toad away to a tune shop the STUPID guy scratched both the rear wheels, and he couldnt put new ones of the wheels he had on it because they were to rare, when it was stolen it had silver Volk GTC's.
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May 20, 2009
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that sucks if i ever had a car boosted i dont know what i would do..especially an r33 that clean.

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Nissan Skyline GTR R33
Model: GT-R
Year: 1996
Color: White
Power: 590 hp, max at the flywheel
Added: April 07, 2009
I had this ride...
By: NismoGtrR34
Member Since: April 05, 2009
White R33 GTR 590 hp on high boost. This car was Stolen in November 2007. Please watch my video of this car on the dyno the vid is called, My Dads R33 GTR on Dyno (car has been stolen)
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