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Phil Whisenant 
Couple chips,cool air entake,tweeked fuel system and a couple secrets that I would have to kill ya if I was to tell ya lol!!!
Suspension Mods
Tenzo all the way round.Adjustable up to 4" either way.Large sway bar front and rear.
A slightly different computer set up.Chips like I said and a rev limiter.
Motery Racing Wheels with BF Goodrich top of their line tires.New Big Brakes all the way around!!!!!! New MC and lines.Want to put all new lines through out the Lude!!
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December 07, 2009
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Dude, he really can afford an airplane "*psh!* ricelude niner niner you clear for takeoff for a nonstop, one way flight to obscurity and endless ridicule, do you copy?" "*psh!* This is phil whisenant from ricelude niner niner we do copy loud and clear and will prepare for takeoff as soon as VTekk kicks in yo" But seriously phil, take it from someone with 18 whole years of life experience: send your car to the nearest recycling plant (lord knows no one would ever buy it) then save up your nickels and dimes and maybe, just maybe one day you'll be able to buy a real car, maybe a nice corvette?

October 28, 2009
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saw your car in a video "41 year old ricer!" ahahahahahahahahah

September 06, 2009
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Hey hows that 300hp Ghey i mean prelude???I see your fully modified suspension is still not. Oh and my car is making enough hp/tq to twist yours like a washrag buddy

September 04, 2009
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ok iam usually not one to hate on some one but come on man 2 chips? 300+ hp? and the only reason you hate on vettes is because corvettes are fking amazing machines, dude seriously your just making your self look worse theres no way theres actually shit done to that car and if there is its no were near 300hp let alone 210hp

June 23, 2009
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I meant you "Hate" corvette's in the post below me.

June 23, 2009
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You have corvettes because at around the age you're at right now, you should be driving one.Oh, if only you lived in sugar land TX. My 260 (+) CRANK horsepower 01 mustang GT could rip the wing off your lude.

June 19, 2009
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omg maximus was write in his video, what a poser thats a bone stock 170hp car,rusty brakes is not new,costum suspension all way around? where?2 chips? who chipped youre ecu?couple secrets is that youre car is bone stock.why pose? just relax dont lie and be a honda guy

June 13, 2009
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June 06, 2009
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does that wing make u fly when ur goin fast? cuz really it serves absolutely purpose on the back of a front wheel drive car...think about it...rear downforce/front drive?

June 06, 2009
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your a douche

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Phil Whisenant
Model: PRELUDE 2.0 S
Year: 1992
Color: Silver and Black and White Rims
Power: 300
Added: December 06, 2008
I have this ride...
By: philw19642002
Member Since: September 21, 2007
Fully modified suspension, I have a $1000 Viper Carbon Fiber Hood on it.A 53' Tenzo wing on the rear and a Tenzo front spoiler.Beautifully designed enterior with some Blue Tenzo leather on the console that goes all the back to the rear speaker deck.
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