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The Sleeper 
It was an original 305 car, but when the motor blew up, it was replaceed with a 290hp 350. The trans was completely overhauled and has a new torque converter.
Suspension Mods
Factory speakers with an Alpine head unit
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January 10, 2010
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Thats a clean pontiac dude

September 04, 2009
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I like it ! The two-door body is pretty cool. Great project . . .

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The Sleeper
Year: 1978
Color: Copper
Power: 290 HP /332 TQ
Added: April 20, 2009
I had this ride...
By: 86Elky305V8
Member Since: September 12, 2006
This is the Pontiac version of the Chevy Malibu. It is less common and has some very unique features to it. The whole front clip except for the grills and the head light surrounds is rubber and the instrument cluster gauges are brushed aluminum.
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