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My Espada (WIP) 
It's sitting on a trolley and not in the engine bay. It's a temporary mod :)
Update - not anymore, the engine is in the bay.
Suspension Mods
It all needs re-assembling!
Update - Three corners on, one wheel hub to find??!?
Yep, most of it is in a cardboard box
Yep, they're not fitted at the moment either
Update - 3 are on now!
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ThaTS THE real deal V-12

That's a rare car ! Good luck with the project . . .

June 12, 2008
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still a very cool car. i hope those parts eventually get put on

June 02, 2008
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ThanksYeah Mr. Lambo didn't do a bad job when he decided to build cars, imo :)

not bad for a tractor maker

Beautiful machine

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My Espada (WIP)
Year: 1971
Color: Black/gold
Power: 350bhp @ 7500
Added: April 24, 2008
I have this ride...
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Lamborghini Espada - in the long process of a rebuild.
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Lamborghini Espada
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