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65 gto 
custom fabricated ram air hood,670 heads, 326ci pontiac, tripower
Suspension Mods
fatter sway bars. stiff front springs
original pontiac rally 2s. (pmd center caps)
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65 gto
Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO convertible
Year: 1965
Color: Cameo Ivory
Power: 260bhp
Added: March 11, 2008
I have this ride...
By: pontiacwarrior16
Member Since: March 11, 2008
my dads sweet '65 GTO show car.
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This is my Favorite car EVER. it is my second car. a 1988 Ford ThunderBird Turbo-Coupe. it has the 2.3 turbo with .373 gears out of an auto along with the T5 short throw 5spd tranny. the car has about 195hp and 240lb/ft of torque. it is pretty much stock except for the stainless borla cat-back exhaust. Gisele
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my dads daily driver. it gets 31 mpg and were lookin for some mods. maybe headers and a shot of N20. pretty quick for such a huge car. i love it. very fun to drive. Silver bullet
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I wanted one of these soooo bad, but my parents wouldnt let me get one cause they thought it was too much for insurance Eagle Talon TSI AWD
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my bros car. it used to have a built 400ci pontiac, but he over revved it too many times. blew the engine and now hes only running a pontiac 326ci with like 220bhp for mileage. Matilda
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my first car and my baby. only have the 2.8 MFI motor in it, but it will rip your face off in the turns. 
please be kind in commenting. it my first car and i love it. Heidi
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