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420 ya
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single turbo s10 0-100 must watch! boom!!!!
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98 cobra New MT DR'S
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98cobra flyby
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Added: Oct 26, 08
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March 16, 2009
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The e-magazine is coming out soon! Subscribe for free ASAP to receive it when its released. Its the leading e-magazine for the modified euro-auto community.
February 06, 2009
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Thank you for adding Rezmoto as a friend! You should check out ; it’s the leading e-magazine for the modified euro-auto community and its FREE to subscribe!
January 20, 2009
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haha...just saw your post on my page...dont check it often...actually the golf career is coming along pretty good...fixing to turn professional and start working my way up...the Cobra runs fine but eventually gonna build it up and boost the hell outta
December 28, 2008
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happy holidays
December 16, 2008
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thanx man
April 27, 2008
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thanks for the comments Bro!! =) you have cool vidz!!
February 11, 2008
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Hey man. No problem on the gear ratio thing. If you want to give me an email address, I can email you the program I used(its not a very large file) so you can play around with it yourself. About those 3.27's. My father died last month and he had an 86 lincoln mark vii with the fuel injected 5.0 engine and he loved that car. Called it his hot rod lincoln,lol. Anyway, its not really much of a hotrod(my stock honda prelude outran it several times) but he had alot of plans for it and I want to try to finish what he started if I can. Dad was a Ford(and mustang) man through and through.I'm actually a Camaro fanatic who knows almost nothing about fords. I did own an 87 mustang gt at one time with alot of bolt ons but went back to chevy after selling it and buying a vette. I'm flooding you with alot of useless info huh?lol Anyway, I know that the lincoln also uses the ford 8.8 rearend but I'm not sure if the ring and pinion is interchangable with your old one or not? Its got what I believe to be around a 2.90 in it right now so that 3.27 would probably help to increase acceleration a little bit without completely killing what little fuel economy it gets. If you know whether or not for sure it would fit, please let me know, and let me know how much you want for it. Thanks, and keep the vids comming. That thing sounds mean! I'm probably gonna throw a set of flowmasters and a redneck krinkle bent exhaust on the lincoln,lol.
January 28, 2008
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Hey Bro - thanks for commenting on our GT500 video. I know you have no way of knowing this but Jake's wife is a pro driver and been out of a car for a little while. I removed the comment - please be sure to keep the insults to a minimum. Thanks
for your interest in our videos!


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