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So close!!!!!! So we were on the dyno and tuning was going better than expected. We were in first gear and tuning in small rpm sections. She gets up to about 3500 rpm and the turbo is started scream and.....PUFF!!! RTV blew out on the front and back of the lower intake manifold. John at Horsepower Ranch not only isn't upset about the oil all over his shop floor, he order's me the new gasket, it gets delivered in an hour, and he lets me use his lift, shop, and tools to fix it while he puts other cars on the dyno!!! The service you get at Horsepower Ranch is worth the gas to drive well over 500 miles if you're in the area. As far as the car goes I chose not to risk it and let the RTV cure properly. I'll take her back another day and finish the tune, but hey at least I can now move it around on its own. Boy does that turbo make some NOISE!!! It was a good day after all was done. Three cars dynoed between the 5-600 HP mark, but no one could quite edge over the 600 mark. Maybe some race gas in Mike's Supra will do the trick next time and/or more boost in Anthony's notch.
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April 09, 2009
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dude nice mustand and thanks for the add.
January 25, 2009
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Thanks for adding me! Please be sure to check out our automotive DIY show on Streetfire's Channels page!
November 27, 2008
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thanks for the add man!
August 30, 2008
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Nice Stang and nice page!
August 26, 2008
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Yea iv seen two identical cars with the similar mods and one b a car lenght or so faster than the other one.
August 25, 2008
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That sucks man. How much are hoping to put down.
August 24, 2008
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Got that fox dynoed yet?