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Age: 26
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1990 Trans Am 305 TPI auto (second video) speeding
7 seconds
Views: 273
Added: Dec 30, 06
1990 Pontaic Trans Am 305 5.0 TPI 80-series flowm
13 seconds
Views: 4,103
Added: Dec 07, 06
1994 Dodge Shadow V6 OHV. Rate my friend's exhuast
31 seconds
Views: 1,845
Added: Dec 07, 06
1990 Trans Am 5.0 TPI Auto, 80-series flowmaster.
13 seconds
Views: 1,964
Added: Dec 06, 06
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nissan skyline R33 0-200 in 27 seconds
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Comments (6)
February 16, 2011
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Thanks for the add! That's a nice F-Bird you got there! It's the 90's 5.0 nemesis!!! LOL. We'd love for you to come show it off at as well! :) Hope to see you soon!
October 21, 2009
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tons of mods. take a look at my ride and there is a list. i was going to park it for 6 months because i cant afford insurance by someone just hit my daily driver so i got 1200 bucks from it. i buffed the tire marks out myself with some compound so now i have 1200 bucks for my insurance so i might not have to park it :)
October 21, 2009
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thanks man hows the TA coming along?
January 23, 2009
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thanks again but i dont care about the camaro vs mustang thing it gets really old but tonight i was at the light and this guy prob 18 to 20 is next to me with his ls1 camaro and of course when the light turned green he hauled and i went a little but i mostly just listened to the nice exhaust he had but at the next like he kept laughin and lookin at me and i was like whatever dude u think u won and even if i raced you woulda beat a stock stang lol but thats about it hope u have fun with ur car man!
January 22, 2009
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thanks for the comments man they are appreciated and i like your Trans Am!
March 07, 2007
Send Message race..u must of had some stoplight fun..but yea thye do good with boltons..sounds like u should be able to take him when that rev. limiter is fixed..nice car dude
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