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GERMAN ENGINEERING German engineering, the vehicles they manufactur, the parts they design, are brilliant, they last longer, hold their value, and are fast luxurious machines that american manufacturing companies simply has problems doing. Drifting is simply the best thing you can do in a vehicle, i think people who think they are awesome at driving in a straight line (drag) are losers, cornering tests your skill.
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The cherrybombed side exit exhaust of a beloved SL
1 minute 36 seconds
Views: 337
Added: Dec 08, 08
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January 04, 2009
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NP! your doesnt look bad yourself!
December 08, 2008
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Thanks for the add! Want to see more pics of the ride! A pic of the exhaust...
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honda burner
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bunches of plastic/somewhat fast, i know it will smoke any stock civic. i'v gotten plenty of tickets...