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Location: Rochester, US
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Check out our website We are a small shop in Rochester, NY specializing in 4g63 DSM cars and Evolution's. We have VP Race fuels in stock, methanol and a nitrous filling station. We have been very active in the racing scene for the past 10 years and we are very much looking forward to the next ten! STM Street Tuned Motorsports Inc. 40 Stace Street Suite E Rochester, NY 14612 (585) 730-4314
My Videos
Ryan Jenks Stock Turbo Evo going 10.1@132 !
42 seconds
Views: 80
Added: Oct 08, 11
STMs RICER goes to the Buschur Import shootout!
1 minute 22 seconds
Views: 970
Added: Jun 01, 10
Blee's STi: More Dynamat? Seriously?
49 seconds
Views: 1,915
Added: Dec 29, 09
"Pinky" Steve's DSM at STM
41 seconds
Views: 1,070
Added: Dec 13, 09
Favorite Videos
STMs RICER goes to the Buschur Import shootout!
1 minute 22 seconds
Views: 970
Rochester NY- Girls!!!
2 minutes 46 seconds
Views: 10,456
Street Car Shootout
2 minutes 40 seconds
Views: 4,782
Corys Team STM 2G Talon goes 10.94@126 STOCK MOTOR
2 minutes 32 seconds
Views: 36,892
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November 12, 2009
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40 hp for a 1 psi increase (31-32) on the "Ricer"... looks like the turbo you guys chose is going to make some good power at 40psi. im very curious to see what you guys end up making with E85. a lot of people nay say but we have guys out here in Colorado making anywhere from 600-800 depending on the car. we were able to make 622 just this month with just a 60-1 on our Hatch using E85. so hopefully you are able to make the power you need for the times you want in the end. good luck
November 20, 2008
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Will you please vote for me? can vote everyday and please put in 10 points...Thank you!
October 03, 2008
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Your car is sick!! Great job!
July 31, 2008
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July 12, 2008
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Congrats on getting kicked from the track!
From all of us at Reed Brothers Dodge have a wonderful and safe July 4th holiday!!
July 03, 2008
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Have a great fourth of July!!!! =)
July 02, 2008
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Whats up guys! I enjoy your evo! Do you happen to do any work on srt-4's???
July 02, 2008
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now that is fast
July 01, 2008
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yall build some fing sweet cars man,when yall start doing stuff with the evo x give me a shout.sick as evo man so have stm and ams went at it yet.
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Oct 08, 11
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Jun 01, 10
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Our STM Evo went 10.0 on an internally stock block 4g63 in 2008 with a best mph of 142! We have race...