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Location: Los Angeles, US
A HERO NEED NOT SPEAK, FOR WHEN HE IS GONE, THE WORLD WILL SPEAK FOR HIM HEY RACERS!!!!! i am here posting videos...... i make racing montages........ all the videos i have posted are ones i made, AND I MADE THEM ON WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER ON A SHITTY COMPUTER!!!! if you look deep enough they show my true feelings on driving........... King/Gods Series- my views on the best cars from a certain place..... some videos are done a certain way so watch out for that, like the American Kings video for EXAMPLE is all base models, so cars like the ZR1 are not there just a normal Zo6...... The Truth Hurts Series- My views on certain cars or things having to do with cars.......engines, cultures, that sorta thing, anything to do with racing basically.... My videos are ALL MY VIEWS!!!!!!!!!! some people may not agree with my views but if we where all the same, racing would be boring, the true thrill of racing and cars in general is the unexpected.... without it you would have another hobby......... I am an open book, if you have any questions about my views feel free to ask............
My Videos
Australian Kings
4 minutes 3 seconds
Views: 1,303
Added: Jan 18, 09
American Kings
3 minutes 38 seconds
Views: 1,341
Added: Jan 15, 09
British Kings
5 minutes 41 seconds
Views: 1,907
Added: Dec 30, 08
German Kings
4 minutes 6 seconds
Views: 1,792
Added: Nov 11, 08
Favorite Videos
Top Gear Mazda RX7 FD & Mitsubishi 3000GT
6 minutes 19 seconds
Views: 27,042
RX-7's OWN ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 minutes 28 seconds
Views: 25,782
And You Think You Can Drive??????????????
4 minutes 14 seconds
Views: 1,847
The Soul
4 minutes 23 seconds
Views: 1,337
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April 21, 2009
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dude you new vids are stoken! good job!
January 29, 2009
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hey thanks for accepting the add request... ya i to make sum videos here and there come check em out i like your style good videos keep it up... as always, Mix Master Ace...
January 25, 2009
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Thanks for adding me! Please be sure to check out our automotive DIY show on Streetfire's Channels page!
March 23, 2007
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check out my myspace at
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