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Age: 30
Location: CA
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srt swap 1gen neon new best, 08 season ender
2 minutes 28 seconds
Views: 1,029
Added: Oct 21, 08
SRT swap 1gen neon at the track
4 minutes 57 seconds
Views: 7,566
Added: Oct 06, 08
first drive 1gen neon srt-4 swap about 1/2throttle
42 seconds
Views: 4,460
Added: Aug 06, 08
first start up 1gen 1998 neon with srt-4 swap
42 seconds
Views: 866
Added: Aug 06, 08
Favorite Videos
Frikkin Huge Truck! 64 Times Bigger Than The Origi
4 minutes 26 seconds
Views: 12,250
The man show playing on joke on people with a fake
3 minutes 20 seconds
Views: 254,457
AMS 50 Trim Evo VIII Vs. AMS GT30R Evo IX Vs. Stoc
2 minutes 36 seconds
Views: 35,720
Sound Choice Audio and Performance Camaro
1 minute 32 seconds
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February 11, 2009
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where is E town at? heck if there is a unique scene to be filmed. track or street, id like to cover it.
December 28, 2008
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the srt ran a 12.999 its fastest time. i ran a 13.04 before i got my ported throttle body and my exhaust wasn dumped. it wil run 12s easy now.
December 25, 2008
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the srt 4 -Stock Turbo,Spec Clutch and Aluminum Flywheel,HKS BOV,ATP Hard Pipe, Block off plate out of Half Inch Steel Homeade,re-routed Vaccum lines, Oil Catch Can, Cold Air Intake, Tip Mod,AGP WasteGate, New 3 pod Piller, Wide Band, Msd Tach Driver, Apexi Neo, Air/Fuel Gauge, Oil Pressure Gauge,MSD Tach Driver, Cross Drilled Slotted Roters, slicks and my trans has an slp lid ,throttle bdy and i had my exhaust dumped.
December 23, 2008
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for ur info the srt4 isnt stock its far from it.
September 12, 2008
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i use a Sony HDR-FX1 now
August 06, 2008
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Nice rides.
From all of us at Reed Brothers Dodge have a wonderful and safe July 4th holiday!!
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1 gen neon with an srt-4 swap