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Last Login: Jun 2, 2012
Member Since: Jan 15, 2006
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Location: Dallas, US
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HD F150 and SVT Lightning Compilation 4
12 minutes 18 seconds
Views: 7,088
Added: Oct 13, 09
10sec Harley Truck
1 minute 11 seconds
Views: 1,353
Added: Dec 22, 08
2.6KB Harley Davidson F150
14 seconds
Views: 2,013
Added: Dec 11, 08
2 minutes 56 seconds
Views: 21,468
Added: Aug 06, 08
Favorite Videos
DSG 03 Cobra,silver 03 Cobra,True Blue 02 Lightni
4 minutes 21 seconds
Views: 58,227
CD 2001: Ford F-150 SVT Lightning Road Test!!!
5 minutes 41 seconds
Views: 2,755
DEVOURER lightning vs carrera gt
1 minute 42 seconds
Views: 103,898
SVT Lightning Tribute Video of 2006.
5 minutes 47 seconds
Views: 1,770
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December 04, 2010
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hey man wuts good? im dyin for sum new vids. btw for all u camero fans. i smoked a SS on roids two days ago. its always a pricless moment wen sumbody gets burned by a 12 sec truck hahaha
October 21, 2010
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PS - Sick Compilation Vid!
October 21, 2010
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Thanks for the add! Wow...2 sick trucks! That SVT lightning is badass and fast as hell! The F150 is sweet too! Please come show them off at as well! We'd love to have you as a member! Thanks!
October 16, 2009
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dude your vids are f*****g SICK!!!
August 01, 2008
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nice vids you make man.....hopefully my lightning wilol emd up in one of them lol
July 25, 2008
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thnx for accepting my request..
Good vids
April 04, 2008
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i meant ranger
April 04, 2008
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hey your harley looks sick, i have a four door rager and im going to put a V8 in it.
February 11, 2008
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whats up
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