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Last Login: May 5, 2015
Member Since: Jan 20, 2008
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Location: Marietta, US
Living sideways... I love to live life fast and sideways! ...Not much else to say...slide or die bitches!
My Videos
S2000 Drifting ... insane! Stefan Gutman
2 minutes 45 seconds
Views: 6,963
Added: Dec 08, 08
Charged S2000 drifting Atlanta Triple Threat stefa
7 minutes 32 seconds
Views: 2,972
Added: Jun 29, 08
S2000 almost hits a light post during a drift run
49 seconds
Views: 1,265
Added: Jul 10, 08
Nissan 240 drift (in car) at
1 minute 38 seconds
Views: 451
Added: Dec 08, 08
S2000 drifting in the rain and spinning out!
1 minute 1 seconds
Views: 945
Added: Jul 10, 08
drift run in the S2000
17 seconds
Views: 896
Added: Jul 10, 08
S2000 doing some bad rain drifting :(
53 seconds
Views: 524
Added: Jul 10, 08
S2000 drift run
42 seconds
Views: 744
Added: Jul 10, 08
Comments (138)
February 16, 2011
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Thanks for the add! You got some sweet rides there! That S-2000 is badass! We'd love for you to come show it off at as well! That thing is sick... Hope to see you soon! :)
August 20, 2010
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wow you have the good bye horses song lol what does that say about you ,do you keep fat bitches in a hole in you basement and tuck you d**k back ,just kidding clerks 2 is one of my favorites and this song is a guilty pleasure of mine . every time i hear this it makes me laugh
April 29, 2009
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hayy whats up..thanks for the add :)
April 09, 2009
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ur shit is nice ty 4 stoppin by mini drift nice im thinkin about buildin a miata i have 13b turbo2complete wires an all what u think?
March 30, 2009
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hello and welcome to my friends... i have been busy with life i have a lot of new videos to add and i hope to do that within the next week so stay tuned... i also have a group page on called... 'Ferrari Beautiful At Any Speed...'n have a good one and again welcome to my friends... as always, Tim aka Mix Master Ace...
March 16, 2009
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The e-magazine is coming out soon! Subscribe for free ASAP to receive it when its released. Its the leading e-magazine for the modified euro-auto community.
February 28, 2009
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February 23, 2009
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thanx man sry i couldnt reply i wasent on much....u have a good profile tooooo.....
February 22, 2009
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I like the s2k. Its a car that needs good hands and skills otherwise it will bite you. I respect the fact that you take the car at track events.
February 18, 2009
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i got a new car mate its a little faster than the old beast of a mini... 2000hp enough for you. check my profile.
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HONDA S2000 2005
2005 S2000...daily driver...about 80 miles through Atlanta traffic! Fun car...keeps me happy! I use ...
The Blue Fly
Great Auto X car, had it for almost five years, got me around everywhere!
The Blue Hauler
BMW 525IT 2001
My wife's daily driver
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