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Last Login: Dec 2, 2010
Member Since: Sep 22, 2008
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Location: Calgary, CA
Gotta Love The Classics hi im ryan. i love classic american cars, and draw them a lot
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Muscle cars are the only way to go. if you gave me the choice between a camaro and a ferarri, i would take the ferarri... but then sell it, so i can buy 8 camaros (smart business) lol
My Videos
Chevrolet Nova Timeline (1962-1990)
4 minutes 18 seconds
Views: 564
Added: Feb 07, 09
Ford F-150/F-100 Timeline (1948-2009)
5 minutes 51 seconds
Views: 3,181
Added: Nov 16, 08
Insane AMC Gremlin Wheelie
8 seconds
Views: 3,561
Added: Nov 11, 08
Amc Gremlin Commercial
33 seconds
Views: 439
Added: Nov 11, 08
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November 11, 2008
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thanks man, I thought It was pretty funny too
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Ryan Sardachuk
we own a new beetle that was one of the first 3000 introduced, back when it was remade in 1998. It ...