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Last Login: Dec 8, 2008
Member Since: Jul 30, 2008
Gender: Female
Age: 44
Location: Rancho Santa Margarita, US
refresh How do you upload YouTube videos to this site legally?
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November 06, 2008
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Like the profile vid! Where are your pics of YOOOUUU?
Sven, Linnea and Carina
My mischievous children.
More About Me
Living in beautiful sunny southern california, where it hardly rains. I used to ride a 250 Kawasaki, ninja and an ES300 Lexus. Now I'm looking into an Eclipse, Mitsubishi for my 16 year old son Sven and for me I wanted to get a bigger bike, but the 2008 250 ninja stlye is sweet. But, the colors I don't like so, I'll have to hook up with a friend in the hood of L.A to customize the color. I love the new videos that my kids watch, from Youtube, their hilarious. I have three mischievous children that are extremely adventurous....thank god!...makes sliding down the stairs on Carina's old baby mattress so much more fun!! And.Linnea the state flower from Sweden, whom is the detective of the family!I am a BIG kid, love to play with the neighborhood kids, unfortunately their parents have to discipline me. I have a odd variety of music likes, but movies quite simple love to laugh and a whole lot of videos from this forum are eye-tearing hilarious!!! I love cars, bikes and I'm not shy to get my hands dirty. The adrenaline rush I get from this site is sedating. Thank you StreetFire!! If you have the stomach for it check out 2GIRLS 1'll change your perspective on women!
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