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Gender: Male
Age: 46
Location: Carmel, US
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'87 Buick Turbo T Limited "Street Sleeper"
50 seconds
Views: 14,588
Added: Jan 13, 08
Turbo Z28 Breaks 9 inch on Launch
44 seconds
Views: 5,626
Added: Jan 13, 08
Rear Mount Turbo LS6 Formula Dyno Video
18 seconds
Views: 5,086
Added: Jan 13, 08
Low 11 Second Viper GTS at Beech Bend
22 seconds
Views: 3,142
Added: Jan 13, 08
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skyline from hell
17 seconds
Views: 128,152
GO-KART with motorcycle engine! He just cannot sto
3 minutes 54 seconds
Views: 395,774
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You have some sweet rides
April 16, 2008
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Unfortunately, I closed the shop down in late 2004. Long story, but basically due to an online security mistake made by the web developer I hired, my ability to process credit cards was temporarily suspended. At first, it was only for 90 days, but the cc company exercised their rights to extend it an additional 90 days for a total of 6 months. We simply couldn't keep the shop going with literally zero sales coming in (over 98% of our sales were paid for with credit cards) . It was a miracle it survived the first 3 months! If you can call it surviving. I only kept it going that long by selling all of my personal vehicles on quick, no reserve Ebay auctions (the Turbo Z28, Turbo Formula, Viper, Cobra, and Buick).

Thanks for bringing back terrible memories.... :(

(seriously though, no worries...I'm pretty much over it now....)

February 22, 2008
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Just out of curiosity, I remember seeing your cars on the website for quarter mile performance (ls1 motorsports)... what ever happened to you guys? Did you just change names?
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03 Cobra
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Turbo Formula Rear Mount
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