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had to sell the MAZDA pickup yesterday...
Updated March 24, 2010
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my love of vehicles Everyone out there who loves vehicles just as much as i knows what street fire is all about.This is why i joined i have nothing further to add on that.... For those haters and wannabes out there trying to make themselves dont get into trouble ive been there in the automotive world.... ive been doing this shit for 10 years and have no plans on ever SLOWING DOWN.... Anyone else out there interested in finding hard to find vintage and classic japanese auto parts,hit me up i specialized in that field,i was a former ASE master automotive technician until i was seriously injured on the job but am now a vintage auto parts locator and am devoted to finding people parts for their vintage japanese vehicles.... you can find me with adds posted on craigslist,california, inland empire for my adds.... thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments and posts about my vehicles and plans for later upgrades.... cheers mate...!!
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My Rides
MAZDA B1600 1973
this is my baby that was given to me by a good friend,the pic shown is not my truck but this is the...
this puppy is stock but not for long..!!!! hehehehe....!!!!