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Last Login: Nov 7, 2011
Member Since: Jun 4, 2008
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Location: Oviedo, US
I Need Forced Induction
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Austin Dulak, driving N.A. 2001 cobra, about 5000 miles on it with new engine drop. blew the old one.

My Videos
2001 Cobra reving (old flowmaster exhaust)
44 seconds
Views: 971
Added: Jun 05, 08
2001 Cobra reving
35 seconds
Views: 721
Added: Jun 05, 08
Comp Cam 04 cobra
22 seconds
Views: 7,534
Added: Jun 04, 08
2004 Cobra Terminator
36 seconds
Views: 4,551
Added: Jun 04, 08
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GT500 700+whp Kenne Bell Supercharger
1 minute 39 seconds
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ford mustang compilation with video
5 minutes 6 seconds
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Cobra TT+SuperCharged
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03 Cobra movie I made. WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!
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December 08, 2008
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sick site buddy!!
Lol the supra is rare nowdays ive seen 4 of them i saw one at the dyno with 750 rhwp
oh yeah also i sawe this evo performance vid today a gt500 TT with 1000 rhwp and 1000 rwtq and it got in the high 9s so i would take the 04 cobra and give it 800 hp and get in the low 8s lol
oh yeah the kenne bell website yeah i saw the mammath thing but its kinda ugly..
i mean 700 rwtq
by the way that cobra has 620 rhwp and 700 rhwp hes on streetfire his username is kingcobra046
lol whated he say
np man
show your dad lol
check this out