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R U R8DY? i am 23 about to be 24 on may 21 i love working on cars and dirt bikes and motocycles i lerned all this from my father witch he is from jamica i am half jamican and the other part white i was borned in whitesettlement texas i love audis and will alway have atlest one.
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i am 23 years old and i work at Pep Boys in North Richland Hills,Texas.I love racing and working on car like my 1990 audi 90 none quattro non turbo 2.3 liter 5 speed.On my day off i spend it on my car fixing it i am in the progress of buying a 1987 audi 4000cs quattro soon and making that my hobby soon.
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the beast
AUDI 200 QUATTRO 20V 1991
4 door passager car heated front and rear seats,heated mirrors all wheel drive system u can lock the...
1988 celica turbo alltrack.2.0 turbo 5 speed.
stock for right now.
1988 volvo 740 turbo auto.
VOLVO 740 GLE 1988
gold volvo 740 turbo rearwheel drive 4cly auto.