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its been a long time...
Updated September 29, 2010
Last Login: Jan 3, 2014
Member Since: Nov 18, 2008
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Location: Texas, US
It's never fast enough! Just another gearhead like everyone else. I'm a self taught wrench and am learning more everyday. I have always liked cars and trucks, have respect for anything fast or unique. Fell in love with Mustangs a while back and have owned five. Im from a small town near St. Louis and there really isn't much of a car scene near me other than my buddies. I have been around the world and still can't get enough of the good ole' USA!! I live in Texas as of now and work with cars everyday which is pretty sweet.
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Supra movie I've put together. Hope you like it.
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lx coupe, SICK!
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Construction of a Bugatti W16
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My Rides
My pride and joy 1990 Coupe 5.0 5speed. I have owned this car 2 years and learned a lot. Original ...