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Member Since: Sep 28, 2007
Gender: Male
Age: 49
Location: Ferndale, US
Oldsmobile Racing I have been working with Olds 455s since the early 80s and have put a Olds big block in every car I have raced. My next project will have a 04 LS6 5.7 motor in it. I am currently looking for a body for this project.
More About Me
I love cars, domestic and other. I like to fix, modify and race them. My current 69 442 has been a racer the last 8 of the 13 or so years I have owned her. With a new motor at the end of 2008, I hope to be racing more. I love photography and videography as well. Most of my work is of weddings and portraits, but when I go racing I try and take some sort of camera. The hard part is taking my own picture when I am in the car. LOL. I have worked in the cold heading industry for 15 years making mostly automotive fasteners before being laid off. Currently I am looking for work.
My Videos
2013 Dick Miller Oldsmobile Nationals
6 minutes 34 seconds
Views: 59
Added: Dec 30, 13
Test and Tune 6-10-12 Milan
4 minutes 49 seconds
Views: 181
Added: Jun 25, 12
Bill Amsdill’s 10 Second Street Strip 73 Oldsmobile Cutlass
1 minute 22 seconds
Views: 110
Added: Jun 25, 12
2011 Oldsmobile Nationals at Norwalk
8 minutes 57 seconds
Views: 182
Added: Jun 25, 12
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Comments (9)
Thanks for the add.. If you can help you guys find or custom anything let me know.. Have plenty of rare, sporty and classic cars n' trucks in stock.. Great videos ;)
PS - 69' Old's 442's are badass rides! Pure American Muscle at it's finest! :)
Thanks for the add! Awesome Vids and Pics! Love the "Cruiser's for Christ Car Show" Pics! That sounds like an awesome event :)
January 26, 2009
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Thanks for adding me! Please be sure to check out our automotive DIY show on Streetfire's Channels page!
December 26, 2008
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Thank you... Help is always welcome.. Car is good right now, ~ fingers Xed~. Cool your a Olds guy, since they made up a good part of my 20's:) fun to drive , hot to look at. had a few of these.. 68's, Ex has them still, 68,cutlass, 68 442 5 gr,67 convertable, 68 442 automatic. , i cant rememmber all tof them, his bro has a few too... 68 442 post? window thingy, auto. there cool cars, in need of restoration... there just sittin there......anyhow, if you want info on them i can hook u up with my son. Merry Christmas, all the best to you and your family in the new year..~
December 01, 2008
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Thanks for the info... dealing with Olds 455 rear and front seals
November 08, 2008
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you have a very nice olds though. Mine just goes faster cause it weights less. haha. Very nice car, cant wait to see some new vids from ya
November 06, 2008
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hi thanks for the request !! Love that Olds!
January 17, 2008
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thats an awesome looking cutlass big block olds im hoping lol
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olds 442
This is my beater! It needs a restoration and is a little rough around the edges. I don’t race it as...