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golf 3 VR6
5 minutes 22 seconds
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Added: Mar 01, 11
1973 DODGE CHARGER vs 2003 NISSAN 350Z
56 seconds
Views: 2,686
Added: Jul 21, 08
Chevy Corvette vs 2003 Yamaha R6 Crash
48 seconds
Views: 3,999
Added: May 20, 08
Ferrari 355 vs Honda NSW Type S Zero
35 seconds
Views: 2,448
Added: May 20, 08
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You can dream the dream, or life the dream. Choice is yours, all the best from your partner in neon crime. :)
September 24, 2010
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Thx Guy�s
September 08, 2010
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Thanks for the add! Please show-off your Neon at as well! We'd love to have you as a a member! Use PROMO CODE SN0810 for a FREE Platinum Membership!
thx for the comments!
June 14, 2010
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Naw i dnt hav an evo yet, but im workin on but yea im doin good too, jus kickin back mostly, tryin to look for a job tho...its to slow but yea man its good to hear from you too...welll ill be around more often..haha
June 12, 2010
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Ay bro waddup. hows things going, i hope good. me jus same old haha but im back..haha well cyz later man
thank you for the comment, sounds like a cool summer with your skittle ;) drive safty!
What's up my German Connection? Got my car back from the dead & it's pissed off. I tried last night to get some action on film, but no one would run me!!!! :) Until next time, stay tuned!!! :)
November 01, 2009
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yea everything is koo, jus tryin to work and get back to tha drivin life.lolwat about you is everything ok with you and your rides and family?
November 01, 2009
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haha yea errthin is ight, jus spent time. thats it, now its time to get back up and do tha thing i love...hit me back bro...haha =-)
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