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Last Login: May 9, 2008
Member Since: Oct 6, 2006
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Location: Chicago, Watching the sunset with SnakeEyes
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Oh hi Lyrica...thanks for the greeting lol...and im 17 now...gawd im old lol. And about my sowwy my phone got cut off like for almost a month now haha stoopid dad said a $1,500+ phone bill was too high so he got it cut off *tears* lol Anyways, how's your summer going? Anything intresting happen lately? K well gotta go head back to work now lol bye Lyrica!
Haha yeah I won't forget...actually my b-day is July 16th so yeah...yay july! lolz Lol i was bored so i decided to put a better location haha...and awesome someone wants to do me! haha yay!! My parents will be so proud! haha ^_^ How's it going anyways? How's your summer? lol Take care k...bye now Lyrica.
Lol, so nice of you to post those images. And thanks Lyrica, you're an awesome person and hope that dosen't change k! Take care and be safe...buh bye. ^_^ lol
Oh, hey Lyrica! Long time no talk ehh. lol Well I'm doing well. You? And yeah thanks for missing me one does these days *tears* lol jk Take care!
If anybody want to know who that is as my new avatar, his name is Albel Nox aka "Albel the Wicked" from Star Ocean Till the End of Time! He's so sexy!!! ^_^

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Oh, hi Lyrica!! ^^ And there's no need to apoligize. Aww, well thanks... I'll try to get use to this new "great guy" look. lol ^^ Yeah, Tiffa is a really nice person. So, how was your day Lyrica? How's school life? Life in general? Lolz, sorry for the boring and stupid Well then, take care now and have a wonderful day to you as well!! ^^ Bye now..
Oh, wow... okay. Well first things first, I don't even know your name. And it dosen't sound crazy at all... it's just unexpected. Also, thanks for all those kind words but I doubt that I'm that such of a great guy. And I'll kindly hear you out since you found the courage to express this feeling even though I might not have. Well sure, I want to know more about you as well and hope this new but shakey relationship between us grow into something much greater. But unfortunately, I find it hard to comprehend that our current situation can progress and develop into something meaningful since it's over the internet and all. But that dosen't mean we can't try. Anyways, take care k and be safe also. Bye now...^^