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Last Login: Mar 7, 2009
Member Since: May 9, 2008
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Location: CA
Seeing is believing...
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May 10, 2009
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where have you been?
March 30, 2009
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hello and welcome to my friends... i have been busy with life i have a lot of new videos to add and i hope to do that within the next week so stay tuned... i also have a group page on called... 'Ferrari Beautiful At Any Speed...'n have a good one and again welcome to my friends... as always, Tim aka Mix Master Ace...
December 30, 2008
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What do you mean I'm back???? lolI've never left.
December 29, 2008
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November 02, 2008
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Read. Reply. Delete.
More About Me
I'm known as Katt, or better yet - Neko. I'm 18, but I barely act it. Oh yeah, and I'm body modified.

From the outside, and at a first glance - I look nothing like my personality portrays...

I'm heavily into the automotive industry and am working towards becoming a Mobile Electrician and also work in Customization.
For those who don't know what that is, it's the audio part of automotive. Obviously customization speaks for itself.

I'm one of the guys and have been since I was little. Which also probably explains my career of choice.
But don't worry, I'm girly where and when it counts.

I have a high drive for life and am constantly always striving to learn more about everything and anything. I love to keep busy and have multiple projects going at once.