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Last Login: Feb 25, 2012
Member Since: Jul 24, 2008
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Location: Mount Vernon, US
My Videos
New exhaust serup on my car
37 seconds
Views: 651
Added: Dec 03, 09
Exhaust video
53 seconds
Views: 741
Added: Mar 16, 09
Mac exhaust take off
11 seconds
Views: 796
Added: Mar 16, 09
Mustang GT
4 minutes 29 seconds
Views: 482
Added: Dec 30, 08
Mustang GT with bassani cat back.
1 minute 29 seconds
Views: 642
Added: Dec 29, 08
H/C/I 306 with 3"mac prochamber and mac pro dumps.
1 minute 28 seconds
Views: 1,165
Added: Dec 26, 08
Bassani exhaust
2 minutes 37 seconds
Views: 1,395
Added: Dec 26, 08
cobra playing at the track
2 minutes 45 seconds
Views: 697
Added: Dec 26, 08
Fly-by in 5.0 stang
27 seconds
Views: 465
Added: Dec 10, 08
Mustang Rev video MAC mufflers
15 seconds
Views: 501
Added: Dec 10, 08
Favorite Videos
Pissin off rice
1 minute 16 seconds
Views: 519,062
mustang compilation(unfinished preview)
3 minutes 27 seconds
Views: 4,096
Little Kid Stoned After Dentist Visit
1 minute 59 seconds
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Cobra Camaro Mustang Trans Am
3 minutes 49 seconds
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Comments (166)
December 15, 2010
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PS - Use PROMO CODE SN0810 for a Free Platinum Membership for the Silver Bullet. Hope to see you soon!
December 15, 2010
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Thanks for the add! The Silver Bullet looks like a pretty sweet Pony! It sounds like you're crazy about Cars like we invite to come check out when you get a chance! We'd love to have you and the Silver Bullet as a member too :)
February 12, 2010
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dang the torque converter on the GT is making a hell of a noise, I'm waiting for it to shatter then I'm thinking 5 speed
February 09, 2010
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She's good, tucked away untill warmer weather driving the GT right now. I have my first open track day at Road Atlanta March 20th and I am really excited to see how she handles on a road course.Hows yours doing.
December 12, 2009
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I love the new exhuast man, I ordered some 3.73 gears from American Muscle this Thursday so Im hoping to get them this comming week, but i have to get the bearing kit and the speed calibrator b4 they go in. So they prob will be in the car in January!
December 08, 2009
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Dang I had one guy coming to get it and havn't heard a word since....I need to get rid of it, but If I can't I'll stick it back on the GT.
December 08, 2009
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no not right off
December 07, 2009
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Nice still want a bottle or now anyone who does?
November 14, 2009
Send Message has a 10lb bottle, bottle brackets, plate, lines from plate to bottle and plate to fuel rail, purge kit, wide open throttle switch, window datalog box, wiring and switches....
November 13, 2009
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Guy is having some problems so I still have it $250
More About Me
Well im pretty much crazy about cars (mustangs) as long as its a domestic.Im just about like any other person who likes to have a good time. I drive a 2000 mustang gt, with a few bolt ons.
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Civic's lol...2003 GT...300ZX...Lt1 camaro...S197
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This is a car that i hope i can get one day.
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